October i$$ue of The U.P. Published and Website Updated

I am proud to announce that the October i$$ue of The Uncertainty Principle was printed and published in Chicago on Monday!

Volume ? i$$ue three “_ _ _ _” was distributed to select stores and mailed to select individuals this week. If you want a copy, please e-mail editor@theuncertaintyprinciple.biz.

Also this week The U.P. website was updated and (as you can see) the WordPress plugin issue that had been bugging out this blog was corrected!

Stay tuned for more new publications, posts, educational resources and more in the coming months!!

In the short term, look out for the web version of this i$$ue to be published on November 13th, 2014.

The Uncertainty Principle Volume IV I$$ue One “Chicago” published!

CHICAGO (31 Dec. 2012) – The latest from The U.P. published today! Download the e-book for free below!

1st Edition Versions:

Featuring wonderful photos from the parties by Britt Doffyn (2 of which are below) and new specific sections: Editor’s Note, Chicago, Music, In Closing and Open Education. I plan on adding more sections as time goes by, please let me know if you have any suggestions (and/or if there’s one you’d like to write)!

Feel free to distribute these if you’d like! You can buy the print edition for $2 plus $1 S&H in the USA, email contact@mr.danoff.org

Next topic will be “Entrepreneurship” to be published in February 2013. Please submit stories, photos and more!

Chillin w/Chili & Chi CityChicagolandians

Went with Skirving today 2 a sensational Chili Cook-off; easily the best possible way I could’ve spent my Sunday afternoon following another Olive evening.

There were 7ish teams including Chef Matt and his Tardy Assistant (moi) entered as The Uncertainty Principle with a self-titled debut Chili.

Skirving killed it with 5 meats and a signature “Kick at the end.”

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"postcardbackinfo12" Courtesy of Chicago Zine Fest

The Official Chicago ZIne Fest Postcard Schedule. Image courtesy of Chicago Zine Fest

Starting this morning through dusk, Matt was kind enough to work with me at The Uncertainty Principle Table (#74a) at Chicago Zine Fest 2012. Together we watched hundreds of folks gather and shuffle by our table.

Zines-fromlondonsymp07 CCASA by Mcld

Zines are usually independently published print collections of prose, poetry, comics. Zines-fromlondonsymp07 by Mcld CCASA licensed and taken from the Zine Making Wikibook.

It would’ve been nice if even 1 of them stopped by to say hi …

jk. A good number of people stopped by, including a few folks who bought copies. More people paused to peruse an issue or two and more than that slowed before neither buying anything, nor reading a “zine drive-by” if you will.

Fun questions included:

  • So what is this about?
    • The Uncertainty Principle is a bi-monthly collection of creations on 1 topic: Women, Maths and Popcorn for example (I’d be pointing at the copies on the table as I was talking). To celebrate each issue we have a release party where Matt spins, we have more live acts, I do a reading and …
  • What are the CD’s
    • I’d naturally let our Resident Disc Jockey field those questions, we had his Cross Words and Live Hegemony CD’s on display, plus gave out free copies of “Uncertainty Principle Demo”.
  • What is its connection to The Uncertainty Principle?
    • I am not a physicist, but from what I know The Uncertainty Principle deals with objects being disparate and also having meaning together for brief periods of time and The UP has authors coming together around one topic, but taking it in their own direction.

Attendees, Zinesters (people who make zines and exhibiting them at a table), Staff (Leslie answered questions very helpfully & knowledgeably for me both online and at the event, now that’s customer service!) and Volunteers alike were all really friendly. I had no idea Chicagoland had so many zine publishers and that people would travel solely for a Zine Fest. Gentleman to my left, Tom of Zombie Soy Bot, had traveled from Pittsburgh and another group of female zinesters came up from Kentucky. I came away digging the culture and looking forward to a future zine event; look out Milwaukee!


Beginning of Broadcast Bar

Went to the eGen.TV Season Launch tonight @ Broadcast Bar. Production Manager Ben Piskor was kind enough to invite me. I met Ben through my work reffing plus he attended (& shot video @) The Uncertainty Principle‘s Petite Soirée № 5.

I’m just a fan, but my take on the Concept is:

Late night TV show (e.g. Conan/Letterman/Carson) streamed live from a Chicago bar, with an audience of whoever walks in.

I’m biased because I like Ben, but I think it seems pretty frigging cool and I’m not sure why it hasn’t been done before. Went with Matt to tonight’s premiere and we watched as the show unfolded featuring star guest Hal Sparks. It was surreal to watch it streaming on the flat screens, turn to see Mr. Sparks actually talking to the host, and then see people looking up who Hal was on Wikipedia via their smart phones (and the sophisticated among them hopefully tweeting/denting as well) simultaneously.


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bibliography for my article for the “Video Games” UP Issue

Below is my bibliography thus-far for my article to be published in the

upcoming “Video Games” issue of The Uncertainty Principle. Cf. my Zotero Video Games library and posts here tagged “video games“.


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13 August 2010 (Written after midnight)
Basement, My Parent’s Home, Winnetka, IL, USA

Got quite a late start today after the sun had reached its midpoint following a fascinating evening punctuated by a meteor shower. Decided even though I should feel guilty about starting so late, either way work needed to be done, so I got going. Reminiscent of the beginning of those special days last October. Gerald_G_Cartoon_Cat_Sleeping

Did some writing and grooming then set about the day’s key task: publishing Issue 5 of The Uncertainty Principle on “Popcorn”. Was a very different experience to go about the whole process just in one building, as opposed to jumping around Anqing. Streamlined it exquisitely. The piece de sweetness was the binding, where instead of staples I used a hole punch and then sealed it with those intense plastic ties that you slide down and which Richard Gere used to kill the bad guy in that awful film he starred in recently.

If you’d be interested in ordering, drop an email to order@theup.biz … There are only 9 copies this time, so move fast.

On the subject of films after I was finished I watched a surprising one about Leo Tolstoy’s last days with my parents. Overlooking the fact it was about Russians staring non-Russians and all in English, I enjoyed myself. Star was not Tolstoy, but a young writer trying to live by Tolstoyian ideals, but clashing with the bureaucracy involved in establishing those to a wider audience and physical love. As someone who is no monk, but spent most nights the past year laying down in bed next to a book, my journal or my computer, it gave a swell perspective. Problems with idealistic movements it exposed reminded me of some things I observed at the recent Wikimania. Was fun to hear them talk about some characters in War and Peace and know who they’re talking about.

To close, here is today’s lesson plan, and for those of you who don’t tune in every day, here’s the context for said plan.

Image: Cartoon Cat Sleeping by, rejon / Gerald_G from The Open Clip Art Library, public domain.

procrastination coming back

June 13, 2010
Written June 14 2010 around one A.M.

Quite early this morning Stuart and I had made plans to watch the World Cup match between our two countries beginning at around 2:30 AM. Naturally, we both fell asleep beforehand, but somehow our clocks were linked well enough that we woke up near the start of the second half within five minutes of eachother and got watch a boring 40 minutes of football as the US played extremely defensive and tactical, which I guess worked, but there was just something sort of frustrating, smacked of a lack of self-confidence, or perhaps its just self-awareness of the better England squad.

Big event for the following a short sleep and leisurely pop out of bed around 06:40 was putting together the foruth issue of The Uncertainty Principle. June 13th was the day of publication. Spent most of the morning and after lunch time putting it together at a gingerly pace, checking in with different writers and making last minute adjustments. Around 15:30 I finally finished the computer version.

Tricky part then was moving from computer document to print document. The way I publish them now is by folding A4 sheets of paper in half to make something that looks like a book. I really dig this format, but it means I have to be careful about rearranging the pages in the computer. I rushed through it and headed to the print shop arriving 16:15, enough time I believed to print out the issue and make it to the post office, before my planned dinner at 17:30 with a student’s family.

Around 16:30 I realized that all the sheets being printed off were not in the right order, and I asked the copy lady to stop the process. I spent some time trying to re-organize them physically by cutting up the pages, but they were so out of order it was impossible.

Gave up and then came home aroun 17:10 to write an apology email to the writers and people who bought the issue for not getting it done on the day of publication. I considered skipping the dinner, but I decided I was already too late with The UP in terms of printing and shipping, so there was no sense in skipping a dinner. Especially because I believed doing so would really hurt the student. Naturally, I felt this was certainy “Reality” [Issue 4's Topic] for me, procrastinating and having it bite me in the ass.

Managed to roughly turn my mind off from The UP failure and really enjoy the meal.

Got home around 20:30, noted my favorite print shop was closed, wrote down their phone number on their sign, and went back upstairs to get to work. Put together the issue by about 21:15, then gave them a call. They saved me agreeing to help me at 22:00. They thought I was just printing off a few things for class, but once they realized I was not, still took the time to print off the 400 pages I required. Finished with that by about 22:47, which meant The UP had been printed on June 13. I finished assembling the issues around 0:11 on June 14, which is after June 13, but still June 13 UCT time, for what that’s worth. Of course it also was not shipped, but it is better to have one thing done moderately right than none at all, I believe.

Update 17:11 14 June 2010: In the post above my tone is positive as if I somehow figured out a way to succeed in spite of circumstances against me. This is ridiculous. My Sunday printing was a complete disaster. I never should of put myself in the position to get it all done in one day in the first place. Starting from scratch on Sunday was already a failure.

the uncertainty principle issue 3

was published online today, or you can download the PDF File (1.4 MB). i also re-designed our website, please take a look and offer any feedback you have.

Picture 1

fortunately for us, the first and second editions of issue 3 have sold out. of course you can still order copies of issue 2 and issue 1. to order, please email order@theup.biz