getting ahead

monday, june 20th, 2011
started writing @ 01:16h. USA CT
in the family room


Was a quiet weekend devoted to caddying. Worked and made some money, which was helpful ’cause its been busy since I went to Omaha. Next weekend I exhibited in NYC, then I attended Jeffrey’s graduation in Meadville, the following one.

Spent the next 4 weekends in the Chi. Attended an intriguing leather event; had an ecstatic evening dancing my namesake bar, including the following exchange:

Me: Are there any discounts here for Charlie’s?

Bartender: No.

Me: I guess we’re not a sizable enough minority to warrant financial consideration?

Batender: …

Me: You know what, the Charlie’s of Chicagoland are not getting the proper representation. We should unite and get the respect we deserve.

Bartender: What makes you special?

and celebrated Wilder’s b-day in style.


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