One Day Later: Public Domain Day 2013

News About the Day

If you’re not familiar with January 1st’s significance as Public Domain Day, please read its Wikipedia Article for context.

I commented on the linked CC blog post above.

Project Gutenberg Canada published “Wintersmoon. Passages in the Lives of Two Sisters, Janet and Rosalind Grandison. (1928) [The fourth and final novel in Walpole’s series The Rising City, a portrait of England from 1900 to 1927.”

The same author also wrote a post welcoming Virginia Woolf (my favorite female author and top 2 all time [DFW’s the other]) to the Public Domain.

Joe Corneli also wrote about (and signed) the related “Public Domain Manifesto.”

What Didn’t Come into the Public Domain

The Tweet above is slightly misleading, there are no authors whose works that were not already in the Public Domain that’ll be coming in now. Works already in the public domain but not yet published (there are millions!!) can still be published/re-mixed, etc. More details in this Tweet from Duke’s Center for the Study of the Public Domain:

New Works Dedicated to the Public Domain by Authors

Disclaimer: I’m a very proud contributor to the CC Zero dedicated Peeragogy Handbook!

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