in b-tween

Author’s Note: I wrote the post below at the time indicated. Its 13:25 on July 8th now and I’ve just arrived in Minneapolis.

01:03 on 8 July 2011
Red Line headed South from Addison

Started my day out Thursday with English Corner No.6; had a bacon-oblivion BLT at Subway complemented with a (any size you want) $1 coke sold in the gas station in the same building from a fountain that had flavor shots (including vanilla, which I chose); caddied 9 holes and closed the evening eating some of Carlos’s scrumptuous salmon-dill-on-a-wheat-something-pancake-delight he made at La Cordon Bleu (Yes! The same one that was on Chicago’s Best [sadly that clip didn't feature Britney, who if you're reading, please call me 315.750.9903 i often eat dinner if you'd like to join me]) a French-inspired cooking joint whilst listening to Wilder’s francophone electro-beats notably “mange me”, which Ryan pointed out meant “eat me” much to me and David’s delight.

Driving west for Brad’s wedding Friday. Third weekend on the road in a row, missing the Chi like crazy, but they’ve all been fun adventures and this one brings together elements that haven’t mixed in years.