20:46 on 14 July 2011
UP-N to Chicago

Had my 7th lesson at the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago, or KCCoC this morning. Worked our way through formal and informal telephone English again. Below is a video of the 5th lesson to give you more context about how we work. If you can’t see the video, click here to watch.

If you have any ideas to improve the lesson, please leave them in the comments or e-mail them to … We’re going to talk about formal + informal telephone English again next week, so if you have any ideas for example conversations, please share them.

in b-tween

Author’s Note: I wrote the post below at the time indicated. Its 13:25 on July 8th now and I’ve just arrived in Minneapolis.

01:03 on 8 July 2011
Red Line headed South from Addison

Started my day out Thursday with English Corner No.6; had a bacon-oblivion BLT at Subway complemented with a (any size you want) $1 coke sold in the gas station in the same building from a fountain that had flavor shots (including vanilla, which I chose); caddied 9 holes and closed the evening eating some of Carlos’s scrumptuous salmon-dill-on-a-wheat-something-pancake-delight he made at La Cordon Bleu (Yes! The same one that was on Chicago’s Best [sadly that clip didn't feature Britney, who if you're reading, please call me 315.750.9903 i often eat dinner if you'd like to join me]) a French-inspired cooking joint whilst listening to Wilder’s francophone electro-beats notably “mange me”, which Ryan pointed out meant “eat me” much to me and David’s delight.

Driving west for Brad’s wedding Friday. Third weekend on the road in a row, missing the Chi like crazy, but they’ve all been fun adventures and this one brings together elements that haven’t mixed in years.