final lesson of the first semester revised

some things of work, some haven’t over the first 11 classes of the week. here’s what i’ll be trying for the remaining ten.

Grades 7&8
Final First Semester Lesson
Chinese English
Version 0.3


Easy lesson for the last week of classes. Idea is to get a
conversation going around spring festival and also review a few common
simple mistakes many students tend to make.

Be careful with the lao wai bit, its sensitive and  some students w/o
a high english level may take it the wrong way, esp if in their
experience people only say good things about foreigners in those
moments when they shout out ‘laowai’ in the streets. For the first few
lessons I was too preachy telling them not to say things. Now I prefer
to just tell the story of a Chinese person in America and let them
figure it out on their own.

* Comic Strips


* OR # are for instructions or notes.
‘ means is for something to say.
== and CAPITAL letters is a section header.
= and lower case letters is a sub-section header.
<> Indicates a link to a web resource.



0 Before Class Preparation
* Clean classroom.
* Write ‘Lesson Plan’ and ‘Announcements’ on the board.

1 Opening Conversation
* Open with ‘Yo.’ and ‘What’s up?’ which we have been practicing.
** If they do not remember, go over with them by writing this on the
board. Try to have them fill in the second part.
*** hello = yo
*** how are you? = what’s up?
*** I am fine, and you? = not much, you?
* What Chinese festival is coming in February? (Talk about Spring
Festival & Chinese New Year’s]
* What other Western festival is also on February 14th? (Talk about
Valentines day, which in 2010 is also on Chinese New Year’s]
* Perhaps tell a personal story.
** Our family Volvo is older than most of the students.
** When I was a kid and that dude in the locker room he was fat.

2 Common Student Mistakes
* Start by going over what “Common Student Mistakes” means, stressing
they should not feel bad becasue many of them make the same mistakes.

* no why!
‘ Why is saying no why a mistake?
” Becasue it is not English, it’s Chinese – meiyou wueshenma
‘ What should you say?
” No reason.

* give me!
‘ Why is saying give me a mistake?
” Because it is rude – bu li mao in Chinese.
‘ What should you say?
” Can you please give me one?
‘ What should you say afterwards?
” Thank you.

* I know! I know!
** Write 2 + 2 = on the board.
‘ If I ask this question and you know the answer, what should you say?
” I know, it’s 4.
‘ If you don’t know the answer, what should you say?
” I don’t know.
‘ Then I will tell you the answer is 4. After I tell you, can you say
Oh, I know?
” No, you should say I see or I understand.
‘ If I have to tell you the answer to a question, you cannot say I
know. If you know the answer already then you can say I know.

* pronunciation of ‘C’ – Many students say it as ‘say’ instead of

* pronunciation of ‘F’ – Many students say it as ‘f-uh’ instead of ‘eff’.

* lao wai!
‘ What is a lao wai?
” Foreigner
‘ What is a foreigner?
” A person from a different country.
‘ Right, so in China I am a lao wai. If you went to America you would
be lao wai right?
‘ For example, if you go on to a trip to America, you are very
happy. There is good food, good shopping, beautiful places and
beautiful people. You are very happy! Then, one day you are walking
down the street and some Americans stop and yell FOREIGNER! then start
laughing and talking quickly. How would you feel?
” [if they don't respond] would you be happy?
** Don’t batter it over the head, but try to naturally get them to
consider how a foreigner in China might feel, even if they are saying
nice things.

– From here on out, vary by class depending on what they like. –

3 Game they want to play and/or Everybody’s an artist and/or
(boys against girls) Game and/or Go Outside
*  Everybody’s an artist
*  Competition (boys against girls) Instructions
** Additional Instructions:
*** If you don’t have a lot of time, it doesn’t have to be boys
vs. girls.
*** It seems like a simple enough game the teacher can just relax, but
with my classes unless I am actively involved moving around and
keeping score on the board it hasn’t worked.
*** Can also do phrases instead of just words.

4 Read Comics and Relax
* If possible go through a comic strip with them step by step – seeing
what they think.
* Hand out comic strips.
* Walk around the room sitting with different groups of students
talking and see if they want my help.
** Move quick.
* Be parient, it is really hard for some them. If they can’t access
the comics immediately they tune out and start acting up.



= Materials Used Whose Copyright is Owned by Others =

*** I used these because it was allowed within the rights given by the
people who made the materials.
*** The copyright of this lesson plan does not reflect the copyright
of these materials. Please contact the creators to see how it is
OK to use their materials.
*** If I used something created by you and you would like me to change
the way I use it or the attribution, please let me know.

* Copyright Holder – Dave’s ESL Cafe
* Website <>
* Materials Used
** Everybody’s an artist, by Scott Van Wagenen
** Competition (boys against girls), by Chad Davis

* Copryright Holder – Chicago Tribune & Sun-Times
* Materials Used
** Many editions of the Sunday comics, kindly sent to me by my father.

= Materials Used I Created =
* Comic Book Activity

= Acknowledgments =
* I would like to thank all the 7th and 8th grade classes at Anqing
Foreign Language School who had this lesson for their participation
and feedback. I would also like to thank the Anqing Foreign Language
School for allowing me to teach.

= Changelog =

Ver 0.1 Jan 17, 2010
* Sketched out ideas and rough plan on paper at an Anqing coffee shop.

Ver 0.2 Jan 18, 2010
* Transcribed into aquamacs clarifying and finalizing my prep for the

Ver 0.3 Jan 20,  2010
* Revised following 11 classes worth of experiences.
* Expanded the instructions for “yo, what’s up?”
* Removed questions about studying and exams because those questions
only put kids in a bad mood.
* Added questions about spring festival and valentine’s day, which are
topics that can be discussed for a long time.
* Removed the poetry contest announcement, because I forgot to bring
it up in far too many classes.
* Modified the instructions for every part of the lesson plan.

= Copyright =
As the creator and copyright holder of this document I, Charles
Jeffrey Danoff <>, enter it into the public

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