final lesson of the first semester

last lesson of the first semester this week. finished with the textbook, so i’m going to focus instead on common mistakes many of them make while focusing more on fun so they can get a little break as they get ready for their really – really important exams next week.

Grades 7&8
Final First Semester Lesson
Chinese English
Version 0.11


Last lesson of the semester. I want to have a relaxed atmosphere where
the kids can enjoy themsleves. It still is class though, so I will try
to quickly explore some common mistakes many of them make with English.

* Comic Strips


* OR # are for instructions or notes.
‘ means is for something to say.
== and CAPITAL letters is a section header.
= and lower case letters is a sub-section header.
<> Indicates a link to a web resource.



0 Before Class Preparation
* Clean classroom.
* Write ‘Lesson Plan’ and ‘Announcements’ on the board.

1 Opening Conversation
* Open with ‘Yo.’ and ‘What’s up?’ which we have been practicing.
‘How busy are you with studying?’
‘What will you be doing for your English exams?’
‘Do you have any questions for me about your exams?’
‘What have you thought about our classes together this semester?’
* Perhaps tell a personal story.
** Our family Volvo is older than most of the students.
** When I was a kid and that dude in the locker room he was fat.
* Announcement: Poetry Contest
** Topic: Stars
** Deadline: April 1st
** Word Limit: 100 Words

2 Chinese English ‘Chinglish’ Corrections
* no why! – Gone over this all semester, review they should be saying
‘no reason’.
* pronunciation of ‘C’ – Many students say it as ‘say’ instead of
* pronunciation of ‘F’ – Many students say it as ‘f-uh’ instead of ‘eff’.
* give me! – Inform the students it is rude to say this when they want
something. It is not a question, but an order, like what a teacher
says to a student. Ask what situations are OK to giv orders/questions?
Ask if they know what to say instead, if they don’t tell they should
say “Can you please give me?”
* I know! I know! – Many students say this after I tell them something
they did not know. Say if I ask them a question and they already know
the answer, they can say ‘I know!’ ‘I know!’. If they don’t know the
answer and I explain it to them they should be saying ‘I understand’.
* laowi! – Ask what they think when they say that around a foreigner?
Are they trying to be mean? Inform them it is rude to say or address
someone by that title. Use an example of a Chinese person in America
if many people pointed and laughed when they went to dinner at night
saying “foreigner!”.

** From here on out, vary by class depending on what they like. **

3 Game they want to play and/or Everybody’s an artist and/or
(boys against girls) Game and/or Go Outside
* Everybody’s an artist

* Competition (boys against girls) Instructions

4 Read Comics and Relax
* If possible go through a comic strip with them step by step – seeing
what they think.
* Hand out comic strips.
* Walk around the room sitting with different groups of students
talking and see if they want my help.
* See if they want to share their QQ and/or email addresses with me.
* Depending on the mood, perhaps take a picture of the kids.



= Materials Used Whose Copyright is Owned by Others =

*** I used these because it was allowed within the rights given by the
people who made the materials.
*** The copyright of this lesson plan does not reflect the copyright
of these materials. Please contact the creators to see how it is
OK to use their materials.
*** If I used something created by you and you would like me to change
the way I use it or the attribution, please let me know.

* Copyright Holder – Dave’s ESL Cafe
* Website
* Materials Used
** Everybody’s an artist, by Scott Van Wagenen
** Competition (boys against girls), by Chad Davis

* Copryright Holder – Chicago Tribune & Sun-Times
* Materials Used
** Many editions of the Sunday comics, kindly sent to me by my father.

= Materials Used I Created =
* Comic Book Activity

= Acknowledgments =
* I would like to thank all the 7th and 8th grade classes at Anqing Foreign
Language School who had this lesson for their participation and
feedback. I would also like to thank the Anqing Foreign Language
School for allowing me to teach.

= Changelog =

Ver 0.1 Jan 17, 2010
* Sketched out ideas and rough plan on paper at an Anqing coffee shop.

Ver 0.2 Jan 18, 2010
* Transcribed into aquamacs clarifying and finalizing my prep for the week.

= Copyright =
As the creator and copyright holder of this document I, Charles Jeffrey Danoff , enter it into the public domain.

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