ENG 099: Conversational American English | Princess Story Activity 8

Step 0 What’s up?

Step 1 What are you planning to do for your birthday this year?

Step 2 Do you have any English questions? From a book you read? From homework at school? From life?

Step 3 Please read the story Juan Bobo & the
Cooking Pot
. Was it a good story? Why? Please write 2 sentences.

Step 4 Now we are going to edit your story! What does “edit” mean? Start by reading aloud your whole story.

Step 5 How can you make your story better? Tell your teacher what changes to make and he will do the typing!

Step 6 If you have extra time, please read some stories from The Tiny Story Book.

* * *

Author’s Note

This is the eighth and final ENG 099 Conversational American English Princess Writing Activity, please confer:

for context. It is designed to be used Pedagogically by a Tutor or Teacher with a beginning English Language Learner, or ELL. I am actively looking for feedback on this lesson! Please e-mail me at htricker@yahoo.com with any ideas or suggestions!

Mr. Danoff

27 February 2012


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