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Starting this morning through dusk, Matt was kind enough to work with me at The Uncertainty Principle Table (#74a) at Chicago Zine Fest 2012. Together we watched hundreds of folks gather and shuffle by our table.

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Zines are usually independently published print collections of prose, poetry, comics. Zines-fromlondonsymp07 by Mcld CCASA licensed and taken from the Zine Making Wikibook.

It would’ve been nice if even 1 of them stopped by to say hi …

jk. A good number of people stopped by, including a few folks who bought copies. More people paused to peruse an issue or two and more than that slowed before neither buying anything, nor reading a “zine drive-by” if you will.

Fun questions included:

  • So what is this about?
    • The Uncertainty Principle is a bi-monthly collection of creations on 1 topic: Women, Maths and Popcorn for example (I’d be pointing at the copies on the table as I was talking). To celebrate each issue we have a release party where Matt spins, we have more live acts, I do a reading and …
  • What are the CD’s
    • I’d naturally let our Resident Disc Jockey field those questions, we had his Cross Words and Live Hegemony CD’s on display, plus gave out free copies of “Uncertainty Principle Demo”.
  • What is its connection to The Uncertainty Principle?
    • I am not a physicist, but from what I know The Uncertainty Principle deals with objects being disparate and also having meaning together for brief periods of time and The UP has authors coming together around one topic, but taking it in their own direction.

Attendees, Zinesters (people who make zines and exhibiting them at a table), Staff (Leslie answered questions very helpfully & knowledgeably for me both online and at the event, now that’s customer service!) and Volunteers alike were all really friendly. I had no idea Chicagoland had so many zine publishers and that people would travel solely for a Zine Fest. Gentleman to my left, Tom of Zombie Soy Bot, had traveled from Pittsburgh and another group of female zinesters came up from Kentucky. I came away digging the culture and looking forward to a future zine event; look out Milwaukee!


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