blogging about not blogging

Been a bit since I’ve posted around here. Was feeling guilty about it, then I saw that one of my inspirations, Joi Ito, hasn’t been blogging either. He does share a helpful reason to start again:

as the years of not blogging have started to pile up, more and more of my thoughts are no longer online. Back in the day, I blogged nearly everything so giving someone my perspective on any topic required only that I copy/paste a URL into a chat window or an email. …  As I begin what is might be the biggest transition in my life in my new role as the Director of the MIT Media Lab, it seems like my blog would be a good place to document my thoughts through this transition.

He then links to an older post with blogging advice whose first tip is right up my alley. “1 – You’re probably stupid”

As I continue the exciting transition in my own life sharing more thoughts here would probably be wise.

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