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200px-OpenID_logo.svgI’ve heard of Open IDs every once in a while poking around the internet. I’ve been meaning to “get” one for a bit now ’cause it just felt like something I should do … what’s an Open ID you may be asking?

The short answer from The Open ID foundation is “OpenID allows you to use an existing account to sign in to multiple websites, without needing to create new passwords.” Also if you are authoring web pages, you can sign them with your Open ID to prove it was you who did the authoring. For more on this look here.

Ideally I’d like to create my own Open ID, but that requires an intimidating amount of work. Luckily I discovered I already had an Open ID with my google account (Cf. the Surprise! section of Get an OpenID). The URL for my google profile is an Open ID I can use for any website I regularly log-in to, whose password I no longer want to remember.

So, if you have a Google, Yahoo, or related account you already have an Open ID you could be using to simplify your online experience and streamline your online identity.

I probably haven’t been as clear as I’d like here, let me know if you have questions in the comments.

image: OpenID logo Copyright ® 2006-2011 OpenID Foundation.

Copyright (C) 2011 Charles Jeffrey Danoff. Creative Commons Attribution 2.1 Japan Licensed. : : : :

Amplifications & Corrections

  1. Added my openid to the html head of my the April Eighteenth edition of danoff dot org, thanks to the help of this question & answer from Stack Overflow. I did this as a way to verify that its me authoring the web page. Though I suppose someone else could just copy/paste my Google URL and assorted info right? But that’d be true for all Open IDs right? On a different note, I also added a google tag to this post and put a black border around the OpenId picture. 18 April 2011

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