Helpful Resource for Vetting College Programs

In these current times of uncertainty about the financial value of a college degree, Joanna Schraeder has put together a helpful piece on the Open Education Database about Determinants of Good College Programs; feel if I’d read something similar prior to choosing my own undergraduate college it would’ve helped!

I certainly didn’t do anything like she recommends with:

By combining hard data like retention, graduation and job placement rates, accreditation status and financial aid with softer information such as the school’s commitment to non-traditional students, today’s students get a clear picture of what that college’s experience can be for them.

and that level of critical analysis about a big life decision is obviously wise!

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Wonderful Resource for Students Interested in MBAs

Early this year Janet Williamson got in touch with me about an article she was preparing to help guide students who were interested in pursuing a MBA. She’s finished the piece and after reviewing it, I think anyone seriously considering the MBA option should take a look! You can read it at by clicking here.

MBA image via Wikimedia Commons