October i$$ue of The U.P. Published and Website Updated

I am proud to announce that the October i$$ue of The Uncertainty Principle was printed and published in Chicago on Monday!

Volume ? i$$ue three “_ _ _ _” was distributed to select stores and mailed to select individuals this week. If you want a copy, please e-mail editor@theuncertaintyprinciple.biz.

Also this week The U.P. website was updated and (as you can see) the WordPress plugin issue that had been bugging out this blog was corrected!

Stay tuned for more new publications, posts, educational resources and more in the coming months!!

In the short term, look out for the web version of this i$$ue to be published on November 13th, 2014.

The Uncertainty Principle Volume IV I$$ue One “Chicago” published!

CHICAGO (31 Dec. 2012) – The latest from The U.P. published today! Download the e-book for free below!

1st Edition Versions:

Featuring wonderful photos from the parties by Britt Doffyn (2 of which are below) and new specific sections: Editor’s Note, Chicago, Music, In Closing and Open Education. I plan on adding more sections as time goes by, please let me know if you have any suggestions (and/or if there’s one you’d like to write)!

Feel free to distribute these if you’d like! You can buy the print edition for $2 plus $1 S&H in the USA, email contact@mr.danoff.org

Next topic will be “Entrepreneurship” to be published in February 2013. Please submit stories, photos and more!