‘untapped’ Spine Tingling

Went to North Coast Music Festival last weekend, 3rd year in a row & first time going all 3 days. We chose Swedish House Mafia’s Steve Angello as our final act, and he closed with this number.

Was one of those moments when you’re experiencing art so _____ it tingles your spine and makes you !!!

That’s the kind of art I want to make with prose, thank you Mr. Angello for the experience, Sir.

Écrit près Charlie Danoff / danoff dot org / htricker@yahoo.com / @danoff

Update: CHICAGO (19 Sep. 2012) – Another way to express the Art I want to make with prose is when I was watching The Science of Sleep, it was demanded my attention to such a degree I put myself through extreme pain by not using the facilities, until I relented (assuming there was ample time left in the film) and returned only to see the credits.